Service Terms and Condition 

Performance of Services. StudioLensa agrees to provide complete production services for the  Video Project, as described in the Proposal and hereby incorporated herein, and to perform its  services in a professional manner. If a conflict between any specifications and this Proposal arises,  the Proposal shall govern. StudioLensa shall communicate with one primary point of contact for  Client, who shall be available during Production.  

Change Orders. StudioLensa shall provide labor and materials not specifically set forth in this  Proposal only upon the execution of a Change Order by both StudioLensa and Client. Client  acknowledges and understands that Change Orders may result in additional costs and/or  expenses. All Change Orders shall become a part of the Proposal and be incorporated herein as if  originally a part hereof. If Client submits a change order subsequent to StudioLensa’s purchase of  materials, then Client shall pay the cost incurred to return or dispose of said materials.  

Price and Payment. The Contract Price is inclusive of all labor and materials. Client shall remit all  amounts when due and as required by StudioLensa. Client shall remit a non-refundable deposit of  Fifty Percent (50%) of the total Contract Price prior to commencement of individual Projects and  the balance immediately upon completion thereof. Package Clients shall remit the Contract Price  in advance and without request or demand on the first (1st) day of each calendar month and Project  quarter, respectively. If Client terminates StudioLensa after acceptance of this Proposal,  regardless of any work performed by StudioLensa, Client shall pay the greater of the actual costs  and expenses incurred by StudioLensa prior to such termination or $1,000 upon demand therefor.  

  1. Unanticipated Conditions and Defects. StudioLensa is not responsible for any unusual or  unanticipated conditions, environmental or medical hazards, damage, or otherwise (the  “Conditions”) at any Production site, whether pre-existing or after-occurring, which are discovered  at any time prior to, during, or subsequent to Production. StudioLensa will use its best efforts to  overcome any such Conditions.  
  2. Adjustment to Work/Work Issues. Client acknowledges that StudioLensa may make minor  adjustments to Production specifics. In no event shall StudioLensa Events be liable for failure to  meet specifications not reduced to writing. Client expressly acknowledges and agrees that only an  authorized StudioLensa agent has the authority to discuss change orders and any other  adjustments to Production.  
  3. Warranty & Maintenance. Except as expressly set forth herein, StudioLensa makes no  guarantee and provides no warranty, express or implied.  

4. Force Majeure. Neither party shall be responsible for any delay caused by any act of God,  including, but not limited to, fire, sabotage, floods, strike, riot, labor difficulty, insurrection, war, act of government authority, or inability to obtain material, labor, equipment, or transportation,  which results in a party’s failure to perform in accordance with the terms hereof. Force Majeure  shall not alleviate or delay Client’s obligation to remit payment due hereunder. StudioLensa shall  not be responsible for any delay caused by Client nor its other contractors.  

  1. Damage or Loss. StudioLensa is not liable or responsible for any damage, except for that arising  out of StudioLensa’s gross negligence or intentional malfeasance.  
  2. Waiver, Release, & Indemnification. Client expressly waives and releases StudioLensa from all  claims and causes of action arising out of the negligence, acts, and/or omissions of Client and  Client’s agents. Client further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless StudioLensa from and  against all claims, damages, losses, and causes of action, expressly including attorney’s fees and  expenses, arising out of the Production, except those arising solely from the gross negligence or  intentional malfeasance of StudioLensa.  
  3. Default. Upon a default of this Agreement, the claiming party shall provide the breaching party  with written notice of the default. If a financial default, the breaching party shall have 3 days in  which to cure said default. If a non-financial default, the breaching party shall have 10 days in  which to cure said default or diligently commence and pursue cure which cannot, by its nature, be  cured within said 10 days. Upon a breach and failure to cure as provided herein, the claiming party  shall have the right to invoke any remedy allowed at law or in equity. Remedies shall be cumulative  and shall not preclude the assertion by any party hereto of any other rights or the seeking of any  other remedies against the other party hereto. The failure or delay of any party at any time to require  performance of any provision or to exercise its rights with respect to any provision hereof shall in no  manner operate as a waiver of or affect such party’s right at a later time to enforce the same.  
  4. Remedies. In addition to the remedies available under law, equity and this Proposal, if Client  fails to pay all amounts due and remit payment within 3 days after receipt of notice thereof from  StudioLensa, then StudioLensa shall be authorized to pursue collections actions against Client and  collect interest in the amount of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum amount allowable  by law, all expenses incurred, and actual attorney’s fees and expenses incurred. Additionally,  Client expressly agrees that a reversal and a contest of a credit card charge and a stop payment on  any funds for any reason are defaults for which StudioLensa has an automatic right to and bestows  upon StudioLensa liquidated damages of the amount so reversed, challenged, or stopped, plus all  costs and expenses incurred. StudioLensa also reserves the right to cease work and to keep the  Project idle if StudioLensa does not receive payment from Client as set forth in this Proposal.  
  5. Notice. All notices, requests, claims, demands and other communications hereunder shall be in  writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given if sent via nationally recognized overnight  courier or are personally delivered or mailed (registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, via  tracking method) to StudioLensa at the address provided on the Proposal, and to Client at the  “Client Address” provided on the Proposal, or to such other address as any party may have  furnished to the other in writing in accordance herewith, except that notices of change of address  shall only be effective upon receipt.  
  6. Enforcement, Interpretation, Applicable Laws. This Proposal shall inure to the benefit of, and  shall be binding upon, the parties and their heirs, successors, assigns and personal  representatives. If any term, paragraph or provision of this Proposal or its application to any 

circumstances shall to any extent be deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this  Proposal shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. This Proposal shall  be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia, and the parties  hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cobb County Courts in connection with any  litigation arising out of this Proposal. The parties hereto submit themselves to the jurisdiction of  these courts and waive all objections to this forum, including without limitation forum non  conveniens.  

  1. Interpretation. Neither this Proposal nor any part of it will be construed with reference to the  party that caused it or any part of it to be prepared, and the doctrine of contra proferentem shall not  be applied in any action arising out of or relating to this Proposal.  
  2. Counterparts, Electronic Signatures, Facsimile, PDF. This Proposal may be executed in any  number of identical counterparts, all of which, when taken together, shall constitute the same  instrument. The parties acknowledge and consent to be bound by electronic signatures, including  signatures of any required witness. A facsimile, .pdf copy, and other electronically executed  versions of this instrument shall be deemed an original for all relevant purposes. 


StudioLensa shall provide up to two pre-production meetings prior to the commencement of each  Video Project Production, during which time Client shall provide any specifications therefor.  StudioLensa shall then create and generate an edited video of the Project, as so specified. Client  shall have seven (7) days to review and provide StudioLensa with written comments. StudioLensa shall allow two edit corrections, both to be submitted to StudioLensa by Client within thirty (30)  days from the date of the initial shoot.  

In the course of Production, StudioLensa shall provide  

  • All Required B Roll  
  • All necessary crews, equipment, processing, and services required to complete the Project  • Still photographs edited for screen and print use (Approximately 15-20)  
  • Shoot Dates, to be coordinated and agreed upon by the parties  
  • Rain Date: as applicable  
  • Unlimited duration license for use of the photos and videos in marketing contexts, including  Client’s website and printed marketing materials, but NOT in printed publications such as  magazines, for use by third parties, or for use not associated with Client’s business.  

Change Orders and Additional Fees 

Client shall remit additional amounts to StudioLensa, as and when invoiced, for  a) catering/craft services; b) fines; c) security (as requested by Client or required by StudioLensa);  d) actors; e) voice over talent; f) specialized production facilities, equipment, and/or personnel;  and g) custom effects/graphics (not including cut lines and company logos). Additionally,  Client shall remit the following amounts for each such service: a. Additional edit corrections at  $450.00 each 

  1. Stock footage/photography/effects/specialized graphics  
  2. For Projects greater than Fifty (50) miles from Woodstock, GA, all actual expenses, including i.  transportation; ii. shipping; and iii. lodging; plus a daily per diem of $75  
  3. Short pieces compiled from footage of the feature video(s) for other uses at a $750 per video  e. Editing video produced by Client at $450 per video  
  4. Still Photography – Photo shoots other than as included in Production are billed at $2,250 per day  g. Long-form documentary video production to be billed under separate proposal  


Services include StudioLensa’s Project Production services, plus the planning, preparation,  shooting, editing, and delivery of the prescribed monthly topical feature photo and video content  for use by Client in various marketing initiatives.  

  • Client will select and/or approve each monthly topic at least thirty (30) days prior to Production  • StudioLensa shall provide a guaranteed 3 shoot days per month; with additional shoots being  charged at a rate of $2,250 per shoot day  
  • StudioLensa shall provide final Production product for Client use  
  • StudioLensa shall edit social media posts from the feature videos as required to meet the content  strategy provided by Client